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Hirondo helps you solve your most important challenges. Individually or collectively. We take full ownership and commit to your success.
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What's the main advantage of Hirondo over a traditional agency?

Hirondo is a network of experienced professionals who are willing to help companies grow, shine and expand. As such, it isn’t fundamentally different than an agency, which delivers services (always) and results (sometimes) to clients with similar needs.

To do that, they have to organize & systematize their delivery, focusing on use cases that provide scale and profitability. They have various support functions & costs that cost money (usually between 40% and 100% gross margin), all of which is logically paid by clients, without then getting the concrete value from it.

Over time, this leads some agencies to staff more junior people who execute & learn, leaving the most interesting & profitable roles to agency top management. Resulting in unbalanced people, unequally distributed value and unhappy clients.

We are different, because we are build as a network of senior experts. Hirondo is meant to be a helpful, trustworthy companion connecting you to the best professionals, who take ownership of your success, bringing their energy, network and experience to the companies they are advising. We reduce the fees to a minimum (15%) and redistribute most of that value within the community, to continuously encourage sharing, helping and growing together.

Does Hirondo handle part-time positions and smaller projects?

Hirondo experts are specialized in their fields. Whether they need to support you part-time or for a very specific project, it does not matter. The level of expertise and quality we deliver will always follow the same standards.

How does Hirondo ensure the quality of experts in its network?

Hirondo is not an open community. Our goal is to gather the best experts, not all of them. Therefore, our newcomers will always be recommended by someone already in the community, or a client of ours. Some members are even clients, and some clients are also members.

Then, one of our founders will have a chat with the expert to make sure we have the same values and work standards, than they are willing to work on projects together, to bring projects themselves, to participate in community life as much as possible. Only then will they be welcome as new members in the community.

What's the main benefit of using Hirondo over a freelancer?

If you know a great freelancer in her/his field, and you are used to working with her/him, you can do so without calling Hirondo. There are many talented people out there, and we don’t aim to replace any of them.

We just happen to have gathered a select number of them, who have been proven to deliver results, whose expertise is recognized and who are willing to work individually or collectively with clients. We always make sure the members of our community are top-notch in their fields.

Moreover, Hirondo provides them access to a community of peers, to support in marketing & sales, to administrative & legal support, to project management tools and to templates that help them deliver better results to their clients.

For you as a client, if you work with a particular individual of with a squad of freelancers gathering around your project, we handle the admin to make it easy for you! One contract, one invoice, one payment, we deal with the rest!

What is the average budget for a project with Hirondo?

Hirondo’s experts all have their own daily rates ranging from 500€ to 2000€, to which we add a 15% markup. However, based on the type of project, the length of the project, and your budget, we will always try our best to work with you to find the fairest solution for everyone.

What is the average experience of your experts?

On average, our experts have between 10 and 15 years of experience in their fields. Most of them have experience managing larger teams without ever forgetting how to get their hands dirty when needed. All Hirondo community members have already consulted or worked for clients for whom they made a real impact.

How does Hirondo make money?

Everyone within the community makes money by having their own consulting clients, by drawing a salary as full- or part-time employees, or by having other personal sources of revenue.

In full transparency, we make money by taking a 15% fee on projects that get staffed through Hirondo. No podcast, no courses, no coaching, just client work. This commission, which is fair (lower than other collectives, way lower than agencies), allows us to cover Hirondo costs and reward members who refer projects.

Our community is indeed at the center of everything, and we believe great people know great people. Therefore, if one of our members brings in a new customer, he/she will receive a 7.5% referral fee, which is half of the Hirondo fee. This is very generous, and only available to vetted Hirondo members.

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